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Gabby Hubbs

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Office Manager

Gabrielle Hubbs attended high school in Leesburg, Georgia, although she is hardly from there. Her father was in the Marine Corps and she and her family moved more than dozen times during her childhood. She has lived in all four of the Lower 48 time zones and Japan. Immediately after high school, she enrolled at Albany State University, where she pursued an English degree. In 2017, she moved here to Alaska. She now calls Alaska home and postively loves Juneau.


Gabby has been working in the health care field for years. At Juneau Eye Clinic, she answers the phones, makes appointments, greets you when you come into the clinic, helps you complete your medical history, does the pretesting and takes photos of the back of your eyes, fills out insurance forms, and . . . she does everything except the doctor stuff! And she does it all with a great big southern smile. Seriously, Gabby is amazing.